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Ted Cole - 09-29-2017
For information about Mary (DePersio) Hendrix's funeral mass and life celebration, please see News or Message Board on this site.
Don Johnson - 12-04-2016
Hi I'm with the 35th Infantry Regt Assn and we are looking for a picture of Benjamin Lee IV, whom may of been of the 1965 class. He was killed in action on 3/17/66. I hope someone can help us out we honor him on our website http://www.cacti35th.org/regiment/kia/kia_details.php?person_id=278&battalion=1st
As you can see his picture is blank.
Merle Grizzell - 09-05-2016
The missing last name for Mrs Douglas' Pine Valley 6th Grade Photo is
....far left, back row:  Merle 'Grizzell'

My family moved from Oak Ridge the summer after this pic was made.   I finished high school in '66 in McMinnville TN, University of Tennessee in 1970 and now live retired in Franklin TN.  

While not a ORHS '66 graduate, I am appreciative for all the work done on this website and wonderful memories I have of OR and Pine Valley.   That year I was nabbed by Mrs Douglas as I ran down the hill behind the school trying to get back from 'sneaking away for lunch' at Jackson Square. Plus, that year I was punished by the principal, Mr McGehee (sp?), for throwing Greecian meatballs on the school bus (I really didn't mean to hit the driver).....only to be selected Pine Valley May Day King at the end of the school year.....I think the May Day Queen was a Lynn Magers?

Anyway, thanks for the memories and thanks for all the hard work for your classmates.

F. Merle Grizzell

Jim Hodnett - 06-06-2016
My wife and I had an extremely good time at the reunion last weekend. Some people said some mighty nice things to me and I hope they think I returned the favor. Thanks to everyone involved. Sincerely, Wildcat # 78
Thomas Dwayne Wilson - 06-03-2016
Looking forward to tonight. Only going to be there for one due to family vacation, so I hope to see as many old friends and classmate as possible>
Richard Trotman - 05-09-2016
Still Married to my bride 'Elizabeth' of 43 years what a blessing. We have 2 daughters and 5 grand kids. We both looking forward to attending the 50th class reunion.
Richard C Dowdy - 04-09-2016
I'm looking forward to this reunion. The last reunion my wife and I attended was our 25th,? It was a blast!
Brenda Markland Knoch - 03-21-2016
Hi ORHS66 classmates. I have uploaded some pictures to several of the Photo Galleries including reunion pictures...working on some elementary school and We Got Together pics also. ¬† We really really need some pictures from our 10th reunion.. I obviously didn't take a camera as I don't have any of the gathering. Hope you enjoy the walk down our memory lane. ¬†Guys lets get those registrations in to Hoyt and Lynn. ¬†Info in the Reunions link. ¬†The April 30 registration date is only about 1 month away and the reunion in just 2 months. ¬†ūüéČ
Ted Cole - 02-04-2016
Please look in the Reunion Section for the most up-to-date info on the Class of 1966's 50th Reunion to be held on Friday, June 3 & Saturday, June 4, 2016.
Lynn Magers Eason - 12-04-2015
The 50th Reunion Committee has scheduled a Planning Meeting Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at 1 pm at the Oak Ridge Civic Center Craft Room. The Craft Room is the first room on your right as you turn left in front of the indoor pool. the Reunion is June 3-5, 2016, just 6 months away!

If you would like to help in the planning (and we can use the help), please attend. All classmates are welcome. There are several things we'd like to discuss to ensure this is the BEST Class of 1966 reunion ever!! If you are out of town or can't attend for any reason but would like to participate, please forward any ideas to me at lynn.eason@comcast.net.

Thanks, in advance, and we hope to see you on December 9.

Lynn Magers Eason
Ted Cole - 07-02-2015
50th REUNION ROOM RESERVATIONS - please see the 7/2/2015 News item or the Reunion section on this website for details and a link.
Jim Hodnett - 05-05-2015
Hated to see all the good people in the 'In Memory of' section. If I'm not in that section you can see me to get my autograph at the 50th Reunion.

O  A  K  R  I  D  G  E

Part the waters.

Wildcat # 78
Nancy (Leichsenring) Markeloff - 02-02-2015
I've been enjoying exploring the ORHS66 web site.  I thought you might possibly be interested in this link:


(if you do not know how to copy and paste this link into your browser, see 'Offsite Links - Ardis...')

It shows a map made from grocery bags by my mother, Ardis, back in 1945 when she and Dad lived in a flat-top house on N. Seneca Rd.  The map hung on the living room wall there and shows many of the town's landmarks of the time.  It's now in the possession of the American Museum of Science and Energy and, I'm told by assistant director Ken Maye, will one day be put on display in the museum's flat-top house exhibit.  Both my parents passed away in the spring of 2014.

Looking forward to our 50th class reunion!

All best,
Nancy (Leichsenring) Markeloff
Robb Unger - 09-09-2014
Hello to all. I hope everyone is enjoying retirement and the huge SSecurity payments we receive as much as we do.  Ha!
Still married to Kathy, 40 years now, my stabilizing force in life. We are in the same house 40 years now! I am really proud of our three kids and 7 grandchildren, all here in Knoxville. We stay busy with boat, related projects,  garden, and of course grandchildren.
Call me anytime, I always need an excuse to drink a beer!
Janet Jarrett Creel - 10-15-2013
Hello Graduates of ORHS,
We, the Class of 1964, need your help in locating our missing classmates. Enclosed is a listing of our classmates that we have been unsuccessful in finding so if any of you have any contact information for any of those listed below we sure would appreciate your either putting the information on the website or contacting the Administrator, Moderator or anyone on the Reunion page.
Thank you for your time and efforts.

Janet Jarrett Creel
Website Administrator
ORHS Class of 1964

LastMaiden Name        First Name
Albert        Etta
Allen        Claudia
Anderson        Gary
Anderson III        William A.
Ballard        Delwyn
Barker        Steve
Baxter        Jimmy
Bogartus        Raymond
Bond        Chris
Brannon        Tom
Brewer        Linda
Bright        Kirk
Brooks        Barbara
Brown        Paul
Buchanan        Carolyn
Burnett        Mike
Burris        Barbara
Campbell        Judith Carol
Cartwright        Andrea
Cochran        Darlene
Cooter        Christine
Cumbie        Claude
Davidson        Joe
Davidson        Judy
Davis        Kathy
Davis        Mary
De Camp        Susan B.
Denson        Bobby
Dowdell        James
Eidson        Jimmy
Elder        Ronney
Esty        Howard
Fendrix        Barbara
Finch        Christine
Fowlkes        Molly
Frizzell        Connie
Fry        John
Galloway        Carol
Ganci        John
Gase        Monte
Geldmeier        David
Gibson        Mary Sue
Giles        Henry
Gobble        Brenda
Goforth        Dan
Green        Betty
Gresham        F. Norman
Hall        Diane
Hall        Sharon
Hammond        David
Hancock        Sharon
Harmon        Kathy
Harris        Nita
Harvest        Reather
Hawkins        Kevin
Helton        Penny
Heywood        Roxie Jane
Ivy        Charles
Jaynes        Gary
Jones        Ed
Jones        Jean
Jones        Leon
Jones        Michael William
King        Jim
King        Juanita
King        Linda
Klepper        Mary Beth
Kunkel        Charles F.
Kunkel        Charles R.
Laurila        Eric
Lawson        Patrici Jane
Lindsay        Jimmy
Long        Truman
Martin        Bill
Mason        Dexter
McCormick        Wanda
McCrary        Melvin R.
McSwain        Carolyn
Mickelson        John
Mirchandani        Rajni
Monroe        Pat
Morgan        Dan
Morton        Andrey
Murphy        Owen
Murrah        Butch
Oakley        Steve
Patterson        Pat
Payne        Sandra
Piengar        Anna
Piper        Billy
Price        Janie Lou
Radcliffe        Connie
Reel        Valerie
Reynolds        John
Rhoads        Patsy
Riner        Ingrid
Ruble        Carol
Sergeant        Emilie (Susie)
Shugarts        Russell
Sites        Marjorie Anna
Smith        Donna
Smith        Jerry
Smith        Mary Jo
Snodderly        David
Sullivan        Shane
Swope        Jonnie
Taylor        Lynne
Thomas        Paula
Tittle        Ed
Vaughn        Doris
Wall        Emma
Weber        Diane
White        Charles Glasgow
Wilson        Gwena
Woody        Diane
Woody        Johnny
Zedler        Doug

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